The Peak End rule: crucial for experience-journeys

Look at the Experience Journey in the picture above. The most important problem can be detected at first glance! Look at it from a sheerly psychological perspective:

The time the user spent satisfied excels the time spent unsatisfied. Fine. But not enough. You also have to design for the memory the person will have, thinking back at the journey. Why? Because this is what will make the person come back, recommend your product or increase the bounding to your brand!

And our brain constructs this memory almost exclusively from the most intense and the last experience. In the case of the visualized experience journey, these two are unsatisfying / negative. So the person will think back at the experience negatively.

So what do you have to do? Look at your experience journeys from the memory perspective! Make sure the most intense experience as well as the final one are enjoyable / positive!

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