UX Psychology Lens® Workshop – Online – english

May 2023 3 days, 5 hours/day

Get to know and learn to apply basic psychology that explains human behavior! In this workshop, you will learn to bridge the gap between psychological science and hands-on application in your research or design activities.

Lots of examples, experiences, and fun! I dare say, at the end of this workshop you will have so many new insights, you probably can’t wait to apply them in your work! And it will be easily done because the UX Psychology Lens® cards will support you along the way!

The Box with the UX Psychology Lens® cards is included! It will be sent to you upon booking the course.

These are the crucial questions that we will assess throughout the workshop, based on the UX Psychology Lens® cards.

  • Which basic psychological mechanisms are mostly relevant in UX?
  • How does perception shape our behavior?
  • How does our memory influence our behavior?
  • How do we address problems and often fail?
  • Why do we sometimes act and other times avoid acting?
  • How does our brain subconsciously drive our decisions?
  • How do subconscious mechanisms shape our social behavior?  

After the course, you will:

  • be able to answer the questions and apply those answers in your work!
  • have better arguments in discussions with your colleagues, your team, or clients!
  • design better experiences – design experiences better!
  • plan and conduct more valid experience research!
  • better understand the nuances of ethics in design!

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