Aesthetic Effect

Does the apple look sweet and delicious to you? Actually, it was bland… We all tend to attribute better characteristics to a product if it is aesthetically appealing – that is the so-called Aesthetic Effect.   For an apple, these characteristics might be taste, freshness, or sweetness – that depends on individual taste preferences. For digital systems or …

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Confirmation bias

You don’t search for the best answer! Neither do the rest of us … We all tend to search for answers that confirm what we already know! WHY? Our brain seeks to provide us with a stable, consistent picture of the world and ourselves. Only if this works properly are we able to function as …

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Verb versus Noun

Did you say it’s Ben? Then you are in good company – 90% name Ben! Why is that so? We feel that people who are committed to something strongly, are more likely to act accordingly. And we feel that “being something” shows a stronger commitment than “doing something”. You might have heard this e.g. If …

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