Decipher Human Behaviour

Finally a smart UX Psychology Toolset!

The UX Psychology Lens® lets you integrate psychological knowhow in your daily UX work!
Directly applicable – fun to explore – valuable for teams and lone fighters!

Your immediate asset!

Evaluate designs, user interfaces or questionnaires.

Identify psychological pitfalls and eliminate them easily!

Decipher observed or measured user behavior.

Stop guessing about users behavior, identify the causes!

Carry out valid, insightful and effective research.

Avoid biases or other critical influences that ruin your data!


Diverse teams – psychological pitfalls and challenges

Diverse teams – psychological pitfalls and…

ARE YOU A MEMBER OR LEADER OF A DIVERSE TEAM? Well, there are a couple of inevitable psychological challenges that you are facing, whether you have yet to realize it or not! It is a…

The Paradox of choice

The Paradox of choice

You might think that having many options to choose from is good. But science shows that is not necessarily so – in fact, mostly the opposite is the case. Read on why this is crucial…

The Peak End rule: crucial for experience-journeys

The Peak End rule: crucial for…

Look at the Experience Journey in the picture above. The most important problem can be detected at first glance! Look at it from a sheerly psychological perspective: The time the user spent satisfied excels the…

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