Decipher Human Behaviour

Finally a smart UX Psychology Toolset!

The UX Psychology Lens® lets you integrate psychological knowhow in your daily UX work!
Directly applicable – fun to explore – valuable for teams and lone fighters!

Your immediate asset!

Evaluate designs, user interfaces or questionnaires.

Identify psychological pitfalls and eliminate them easily!

Decipher observed or measured user behavior.

Stop guessing about users behavior, identify the causes!

Carry out valid, insightful and effective research.

Avoid biases or other critical influences that ruin your data!


Aesthetic Effect

Aesthetic Effect

Does the apple look sweet and delicious to you? Actually, it was bland… We all tend to attribute better characteristics to a product if it is aesthetically appealing – that is the so-called Aesthetic Effect.…

Confirmation bias

Confirmation bias

You don’t search for the best answer! Neither do the rest of us … We all tend to search for answers that confirm what we already know! WHY? Our brain seeks to provide us with…

Verb versus Noun

Verb versus Noun

Did you say it’s Ben? Then you are in good company – 90% name Ben! Why is that so? We feel that people who are committed to something strongly, are more likely to act accordingly.…

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